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According to story, Pagalagala got its name from two Mangyan who after traveling along a creek described their journey as an aimless saunter. It may be due to the long and winding feature of the creek that they appeared to be wondering , and soon they told to themselves they were "Pagal-agala". Soon the name becomes PAGALAGALA.

Barangay Pagalagala separated from Barangay Nabuslot in 1956. Macario Labay becomes the "Teniente Del Barrio" from year up to 1971. After which he was succeeded by Felipe Lampar who term ended in 1981. Jose Mercene Sr. become the Chairman in 1981 up to 1992. Mr. Mercene, Sr. resigned in that year and run for a seat in Sangguniang Bayan. He was succeeded by the first councilor Alfredo Lingon, Sr. and resigned after several months. He was replaced by Wilfredo Manrique, a second councilor. Dennis Ramos elected as Barangay Chairman in 1994. After serving from two years, he also resigned . He was succeeded by his first councilor Angeles Causapin.

Lerma Manrique a former Barangay Treasurer, elected as Barangay Captain in 1997. She also has two years term as a Barangay Chairman. In 2007 Barangay Elections, Benhur Manay a former councilor is elected as Barangay Chairman from year 2007-2010.

Barangay Pagalagala was led by Gilbert P. Mendoza who was elected Barangay Captain in October 2010 polls, supported by his 7 councilors namely:  Hon. Kennedy M. Delos Reyes,  Hon. Ma. Corazon M. Reducto, Hon. Ariel Penaranda, Hon. Gilberto L. Ramos, Hon. Imelda R. Selda, Hon Rosario G. Manay, Hon. Nestor L. Magcamit, Hon Gil Zeus Mendoza, Tricia Mae P. Ramos and Raquel D. Macatangay as Barangay Treasurer.

In 2013 elections, Gilbert P. Mendoza assumed his second term as Barangay Captain with his 7 newly elected Sangguniang Barangay Members: Hon. Gilbert L. Ramos, Hon. Kennedy M. Delos Reyes, Hon. Ma. Corazon M. Reducto,Hon. Jose Lontoc, Hon Rosario G. Manay, Hon. Nestor L. Magcamit, Hon. Imelda R. Selda, Tricia Mae P. Ramos and Raquel D. Macatangay as Barangay Treasurer.

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